This is something that I’ve been contemplating sharing for a long time now, because it’s pretty personal.
Talking about weight gain, weight loss and everything associated is a hard topic…it’s embarrassing and generally frowned upon. But I think it’s important to talk about health and fitness, because we ALL need to be healthy and we ALL struggle. My hope is that if some of you read about my struggles and accomplishments, this will show you that you aren’t abnormal if you’ve gained weight and are trying to fight it off and that you can accomplish your goals! My goals aren’t accomplished yet…but I’m getting there!First off, here’s a picture of me at my healthiest weight:

Me as a college swimmer in 2009 (oh and that lovely piece I’m wearing is a fast skin swim suit…not a cat women suit ha!)

That’s me as a college freshman swimmer for BYU. I was working out 20 hours a week and eating a fairly healthy diet. Because I was working out so much, I didn’t really focus on what I was really eating…mostly that I was getting enough to eat (swimmers eat a TON!). I was about a size 6-8 in this picture and I was around a healthy 145 lbs. I had a lot of muscle on my body from lifting weights and working out hard, but I also had a little extra fat around my mid-section (which I’ve always had…that’s genetics for ya). Even at this healthy weight…some people called it fat because I was 145 lbs instead of 110. I was actually called “cow” in high school by some really immature boys. Even though I looked great, and my body was in great shape…I still thought I looked fat and was ugly (that’s teenage insecurities for ya).
Fast forward throughout the years.
I stopped swimming in college after my freshman year to focus on school (and I frankly wanted a normal college experience instead of the athlete experience). I went home that summer and continued to eat like I did as a swimmer, without working out as much. Basically I gained weight. Not a lot…but I did look and feel different. I worked out and I tried to get it off, and I wasn’t completely successful…but I wasn’t a failure either. I accepted my body as it was… but worked really hard to change my eating and exercise habits so I would be healthy.
Throughout college I was really good about eating healthy and exercising. By the time I got married though, things changed a bit. When I started living with my husband, I slowly realized that we had very different diets. My husband has a very high metabolism, so he can eat pretty much whatever he wants…and he doesn’t have to exercise like a crazy person to look good. Well…I’m the opposite to say the least. I found myself wanting to just eat pizza and ice cream with him instead of salmon and veggies (and I guess I should mention that my husband actually does eat good food…he just can get away with junk food more often than I can). Since I was in my Clinical Laboratory Science program at school (aka…Hell) during our first year of marriage, I really put off exercising and eating healthy…because I was preoccupied with not failing out of school and learning about my brand new husband. And I gained weight.
Oh and then I got pregnant.
I was actually really healthy throughout my pregnancy…I even exercised a little bit. I didn’t actually gain weight during my pregnancy…which I was proud of! I never craved sweets which helped as well haha. After the baby, it was a different story though. When I finally got my body looking normal again, post-pardum depression hit. And with the depression, came medication and over eating. Instead of getting my body back into shape…I was getting it into worse shape! I was so stressed out trying to figure out how to be a good mom, AND trying to heal myself…I really let my health spiral out of control.
I like to think that I hit rock bottom on my 25th birthday.
I went to the doctor that morning to take my husband to the doctor for our yearly physicals. I had been in a couple of days before to get mine done, but I wanted to come with my husband to his appointment because he agreed to do a little shopping with me after. While I was sitting in the waiting room, my doctor came out to talk to me. She then delivered the news that I had some abnormal lab results. I just remember thinking to myself…”abnormal…really? Already? At 25 years old?”. I felt WAY to young to have bad labs come back. She told me that my cholesterol was a little high and my glucose was high (but I do have to add that the night before Kyle and I ate a couple of cupcakes…because we had two birthdays in our house that week…and we were indulging). Having those lab results come back like that made me realize that I need to stop living the way I am currently living. I need to get healthy…for not only my sake, but for my family’s sake. I need to be around for a long time for my kids and husband!
I had been thinking about doing the Medifast program for a couple months prior, and I knew I needed to commit after getting those labs back. I signed up and got started right away. What I love about the Medifast program, is that it’s all planned out for you! And I have the most awesome health coach, who has really been a great support to me! I’ve already been on the program for about two weeks now and I love it! I’ve lost weight and I feel great. Eating smaller, healthy meals not only is helping with my health, but it feels good too! I’m never hungry (but I do still crave junk food from time to time) and I feel healthier. I feel like food isn’t an indulgence item anymore…but a fuel. I’m really excited about my journey and I’m pumped that I’m finally turning my life around!
I’m really excited (and a little nervous) about sharing this journey with my blogger friends and followers. From time to time I plan on sharing some healthy recipes I’m loving, fitness tips, and updates on my progress! I think it will help me to blog about it, because you all will keep me on track! And if you are wanting to change around your health…start now with me!
I hope you all have a fabulous day!
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