I am all about the casual, especially when I’m headed out for a casual lunch with my hubby or friends. This outfit is super chic and perfect for those days where you want to feel comfy, but also look really good. I am loving the maroon jeans trend right now, and I can’t wait to start wearing my favorite pair once it cools down here in Dallas. Wearing colored jeans has always been a favorite trend of mine because it is a subtle way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Oh and can we just talk about this bag for a second. I just discovered this bag from Kate Spade and OH.MY.GOSH.ISN’T.IT.PERFECT!!!! I love the grey and black detailing on this purse, which makes it perfect for literally any outfit you can think of. You can pair this with a casual look, a dressy look, or even carry this to the gym and you’re going to look absolutely fabulous! This is definitely on my wishlist!

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