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We all know I’m a total makeup fanatic (It’s one of my main blog topics ya’ll!). Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of brands of all the different makeup products out there, so I consider myself a beauty expert. One of my favorite products to try has been lip products because they are so fun to wear! A fun lip can change your whole look and your whole mood! One thing that I’ve always hated about lip products though…is that they smear, smudge, don’t stay on very long, or they dry out my poor lips! I have always found myself reapplying throughout the day, or just letting my lips start to look like crap. I certainly didn’t have time for that being  busy mom and girl boss, so I almost gave up wearing lip color all together. That’s until I discovered LipSense.

LipSense is an amazing lip product that you can wear for up to 18 hours without it rubbing off or smudging! You can eat with it, drink with it, kiss with it, and it won’t budge! When I first tried it, I was super skeptical…but ladies…IT WORKS! It’s literally my latest obsessed, and I’m forever converted to this amazing lip product!

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To start out with LipSense, you need to purchase a starter kit, which comes with a color, a gloss, and the oops removal. All three of these items are essential for making the color last all day, and for your lips to stay hydrated! Once you’ve boughten the kit, you can just get individual colors and glosses as you build your collection!

I’m so obsessed with LipSense, that I decided to become a representative for them! What does that mean for you? That means that you can order these amazing products through me (you can only buy these through Senegence distributors)! I really believe in this product and company, so I’m extremely excited to share it with all of you!

Are you interested in this amazing product?! Do you want some for yourself? Check out all the colors down below and fill out the contact form below! Once I receive your message, I will email you can you can let me know what colors you’d like! I also offer some amazing discounts that I post about regularly in my Lips by Dressing Dallas Facebook group, so if you want to buy discounted products, or even earn free products, join in on the fun! *It’s a private Facebook group, but if you click to join, I will add you!*

Are you sick of your lipstick smearing or fading shortly after putting it on? I know I was! Lip sense is a lip color that lasts up to 18 hours on your lips without smudging, smearing, or budging at all!

Are you interested in buying LipSense at a discount AND making money by sharing this with friends and family? Join my team! It’s only $55 to join and you receive some amazing benefits and discounts! Think about it…$50 for two lip colors, or $55 to buy them at a discount and make money sharing them. I know which one I would pick! Email me at for all the info and to find out how to join my amazing group of women!


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