A couple weeks ago, my little family and I embarked on a very long road trip to visit my family in Lexington, KY.

I love Lexington. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The green trees, the rolling hills, and the beautiful brick buildings make me swoon. While we were there we were able to see my little sister get baptized, which was so special! We also got to go to Shakertown, Gratz Park, Joe Bologna’s, and my favorite store…Fan Outfitters. It was a trip to remember…and of course it was too short!!

Like always, I had my camera out taking pictures wherever I went. Here are some of my artsy ones…and some silly ones!


IMG_0003 IMG_5183 IMG_5184 IMG_5191 IMG_5265 IMG_5276 IMG_5288 IMG_5346 IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5362 IMG_5409 IMG_5431 IMG_5446 IMG_5506 IMG_5526 IMG_5549 IMG_5558 IMG_5589 IMG_5607 IMG_5617 IMG_5619 IMG_5627 IMG_5630 IMG_5652 IMG_5664 IMG_5693 IMG_5696 IMG_5715 IMG_5724 IMG_5740 IMG_5744 IMG_5760 IMG_5761 IMG_5808 IMG_9991 kentuck17 kentucky kentucky2 kentucky3 kentucky4 kentucky5 kentucky6 kentucky7 kentucky8 kentucky9 kentucky10 kentucky11 kentucky12 kentucky13 kentucky14 kentucky17 kentucky20 kentucky22 kentucky23 kentucky24 kentucky25 kentucky26