Today is my second installment of my photography journalism series, Life Is. I love this series because I love playing with my camera and documenting my life! Photography is one of my favorite arts to explore, and it’s a great way to document my life, my family, and my wonderful city. Want to check out my other photography posts? Check out my photo journey with my Life Is series and my other photography posts.

Each post I choose a theme, and I take pictures based on what the adjective means to me! I picked yummy because my family loves food (especially my one year old haha!) and it’s always fun at meal time! Our meal times are a rare chance for our family to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Since Kyle and I have such crazy schedules, it’s really nice to sit down, eat delicious food (my favorite is sushi!) and enjoy our little toddler. Meal time is always a time that I’ve cherished with my own family growing up, and I can’t wait to cherish it with my little gang.

I hope you enjoy and become inspired to pick up your camera!


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