The Owlet Smart Sock is a device used by parents to have peace of mind while their baby sleeps. See my full review of the product, plus see what's included when you purchase.
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Today I’m really excited to be sharing my second post about my newest favorite baby product on the market…the Owlet Smart Sock. About a month ago, I shared an information packed post on what this smart sock is, how it helps, and why it’s worth it for new parents out there (if you missed that post, you can check it out here). I received a lot of questions about what is included when you buy the Owlet Smart Sock, how it exactly grows with your baby, and if it’s worth the investment, and today I wanted to share with you all of that juicy info!

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When you first open up your Owlet Smart Sock box, you see the cute sock neatly packed with the monitor already installed inside of it. I absolutely adore the packaging of this product because of how simple and beautiful it is! Right away you can see the beautiful product, which I love!

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After you take the smart sock + monitor out of the box, you will then see the base unit and the instruction booklet. The base unit is designed to be the primary alert system for parents if the baby’s Oxygen levels or heart rate are abnormal. This gives me so much comfort knowing there’s an alert system in place to let me know if something isn’t right with my baby. You can also have the base unit transit your baby’s Oxygen levels and heart rate information to your smart phones or tablets! I also love how simple and easy to read that the instruction manual is! You will know everything you need to know about this product just from reading it!

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After you remove the base unit packaging, you will find the different sized booties for your baby, and all necessary charging and plug devices to hook up your base unit/charge the sock monitor. These different size booties allow you to use your Owlet Smart Sock while the baby grows (up to 18 months of age). The actual monitor is completely removable from the socks, so you are able to change sock sizes as the baby grows! This makes this product extremely worth it to me, because you’re able to use this amazing technology for a very long period of time.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about if this monitor is truly worth it. There are a lot of fancy baby products out there that make big promises, and it’s easy to get caught up in all of that and spend unnecessary money on things you don’t need. I can tell you though, that the Owlet Smart Sock is worth it. As a second time Mom, I wish I would’ve had this monitor with my first. I spent way too many nights awake in fear that something would happen to my son. I would constantly get up in the middle of the night just to check up on him, and this caused me to have an extreme lack of sleep. This isn’t healthy for us Mom’s, and it definitely affected my body. I’m so excited to start using this fantastic device for my second child because I know it will help me sleep with peace of mind…something I need with two children! You really can’t put a price on knowing your child is safe as you sleep, which is why I highly recommend this product to all of you Mom’s out there.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Owlet Smart Sock! Stay tuned for my next Owlet update…when I get to use the product on my own daughter! If you would like to get more information about Owlet Baby Care, head to their website for all the details!

About Owlet Baby Care
Owlet Baby Care, Inc. was founded in 2013 by a team of passionate parents who wanted to bring themselves—and other parents around the globe—peace of mind and assurance by developing a monitor that is designed to alert parents when their baby stops breathing or heart rate drops too low or goes too high. Using pulse oximetry, the same technology used in hospitals, the Owlet Smart Sock sends alerts, to the Base Station and via WiFi to a parent’s smartphone. See the device in action by watching this video or visiting

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