This DIY ostrich feather skit is perfect for the holidays, and it's so easy to make!
 No Sew Feather Skirt via
This post has been highly requested, and for good reason!  If you saw my last outfit post , you probably were wondering where I got this skirt (a ton of you did!). When I said it was DIY, everyone I talked to wanted to know how I did it! As promised, here is my tutorial! This is such an easy ostrich feather skirt to make, so everyone should try it out for the holidays!
 No Sew Feather Skirt via
Materials needed: 15-18 ft of ostrich feathers (I got mine HERE) No Heat Sewing glue (you can dry clean the skirt and this glue won’t come off), scissors, hot glue, and a stretchy black skirt (I got a body con skirt that hit right above my knee…but pick any length you’d like).
First, lay your skirt flat on the floor. I start at the very bottom of the skirt and work my way up. To glue the feathers onto the skirt, start at the side seam and glue by creating ruffles of the feathers (pictured below). This will allow for stretching with the skirt when you put it on. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO GLUE THE FEATHERS ON THIS WAY! If you don’t, your skirt will not fit anymore! After gluing on a couple of lines (and the glue is dry) try the skirt on. If the skirt is tighter that you’d like it, rip off the feathers and glue it again with bigger ruffles. And don’t worry about leaving glue marks on the skirt, you won’t see them in the end.
 No Sew Feather Skirt via No Sew Feather Skirt via
Work your way up the front of the skirt until you get to the top. Then flip the skirt over and do the same steps on the back of the skirt. Make sure you glue the back lines of feathers on at the same level as the front. This will make your skirt look a lot more clean and even in the end.
Once you’ve filled your skirt up with the feathers, you are going to take the edges of the lines of feathers that you cut and glue them one on top of the other with the hot glue. Then glue that right on top of the side seam. It’s ok if it looks messy, you won’t see it through all the feathers that sit on top of it. Make sure the edges are glued down well, or else the lines of feathers could start to come off.
(optional) To finish off the skirt, grab a black ribbon and glue it around the top of the skirt to give it a clean edge. I left mine raw because I’m not planning on wearing it “pencil skirt style”.
And there you have it! It’s super easy, right?!? The process of gluing on the feathers took me around 2 hours (because I did it in batches instead of gluing it all at once). If you’d like it to be even more secure, you can add some stitches of thread where your glue sits.
If you make a skirt like this, show me by tagging me through social media! I want to make a white one next…what do you think?!