Find out some easy tips on how to make money with direct sales and how to choose the right company for you!

We’ve all been there…one of your Facebook friends all of a sudden joins one of “those” company’s and you roll your eyes. You think to yourself, “There goes another one” or “she just wasted a ton of money for nothing!” I have spend the last 5 or so years thinking the same thing. I thought the concept of companies offering big prizes and big money was too good to be true, and people on social media were falling for it. These so-called pyramid schemes were everywhere, and in no way did I ever think any of these types of companies could benefit you in any way. That was until, I joined in on one.

There are definitely direct sales companies out there that give this way of business a bad name. Some tell their distributors to cold message people, or friend request a bunch of people on Facebook. . Some tell their distributors to be pushy and bug people until they feel bad enough to buy. All of these practices don’t make for good sales or customer service, and that’s why so many people wince when they hear of direct selling. And I get it! Pushy sales people are SUPER annoying!

This weekend I am attending Leaders Conference with Senegence and it has been absolutely amazing so far! I've learned about myself and how to be a great leader not only in my business, but in life! Senegence has changed my life for the better, and I feel so blessed to be apart of this movement!! If you want to change your life, make great money, and meet the most amazing friends, this business is for you!! #Senegence #lipSense #leadersconference #mua #makeup

Last June, I started to see my friend Jalynn posting about a new direct sales company she just joined. At first, all I could think was…oh no…not you too! But as I started seeing her posts and doing a little research of my own, I realized that this company she was apart of was actually pretty amazing, and it looked like a lot of fun. She reached back out to me and told me about the benefits, and I was hooked. I joined a couple days later. Ever since jumping into a direct sales business, I learned how awesome they actually are, and how they really do have the ability to change someone’s life! I was instantly thrown into this world of Girl Bosses encouraging me to push past my limitations to succeed. I knew I came across something I needed to share with everyone I knew. Being apart of direct sales was slowly changing my life for the better, and I NEVER thought that was possible!

There are a lot of myths about direct sales that I found to be very false once I started. Here are some of the most common myths about Direct Selling out there:

Myth #1: You don’t really make money doing this. This is so incredibly false! The first month I started Senegence, I made $1000 profit ($2k in sales). That was insane to me! It took me years before I was making a thousand dollars a month blogging. Joining the right direct sales company can really offer you a way to change your family’s finances in little time. It doesn’t come easy though, which brings me to my next myth.

Myth #2: When you join a direct sales company, you instantly make thousands with little effort. This is definitely false. Direct Sales is like any other business; you have to hustle and sacrifice sleep and sanity to be successful. Because I was willing to work super hard at this, I was making really good money right off the bat. If you are less determined though, you won’t do as well.

Myth #3: Direct Sales is just a pyramid scheme. This myth is the most common thing I hear, and it’s SO false. Pyramid schemes are illegal schemes designed to make the very top person very rich. In a pyramid scheme, no one in the pyramid makes money. Direct selling isn’t like this. Another name for direct sales is network marketing, meaning you have to network to make money. Most company’s pay you for training new people to join the company, and everyone that joins has the same opportunity as the last person. There are ways to find success no matter which level or what time you entered the business.

Myth #4: You have to be good at selling things to be good at direct sales. SO FALSE! I am a terrible sales person ya’ll. This is why I never really wanted to do anything like this. Even my husband said that to me when I told him I wanted to sign up for Senegence. But the reality is, you don’t have to “sell” the products. You just need to talk about them, show them off, demonstrate them, and share why you love them. Women especially are natural born “sales people”, because we love to share items that we are using to our friends and family. I haven’t ever had to sell to anyone, I just show them the products, and they want it!

Today I met Joni Rogers-Kante, the CEO of Senegence and she was so amazing! I loved hearing her speak with so much passion about this company! She truly loves all of us and loves seeing us succeed in our lip biz's. Leader's Conference day 1 has been nothing but amazing, and I'm continuously blown away by this company! Seriously all of you need to join in on this... it's the most amazing company and the most amazing group of women I've ever come across! #leadersconference2016 #lipsense #senegence #mua #lipstick

Ladies and gents! Senegence has honestly changed my life for the better and it's only been a couple months! I make great money sharing these amazing products with everyone... and I can easily do that because LipSense unheard of! I'm looking for some amazing and driven ladies to finally join in this business and make some beautiful friendships + make some serious ! Plus: you can earn a free car and trips to Cabo and Costa Rica! !!!!! #business #entrepreneur #lipsense #girlboss

Are you interested in joining in on one of these awesome businesses? Here are some things to consider before you join:

  1. What is the profit margin you are able to make? Most companies make it so you can buy their products at a discount, but how much discount? It probably isn’t worth it to get 20% profits from selling for instance. But if you get a 50% profit margin like Senegence….that’s how you make great money a lot easier!
  2. Do you love the products? You will only be successful is you 100% believe in the products and want to share them. If you aren’t interested in them or you are just in it to make a quick buck…chances are, you won’t make money.
  3. What are the perks? Does the company let you travel on their dime to train? Does the company offer incentives like free cars, trips, products, etc? If you are looking at a DS company that doesn’t offer cool things like this, move on. There are a ton of company’s that offer really cool things that can benefit your family and give them a life they’d never dreamed of. For instance: Senegence offers you a free car, free exotic trips, free products, and 50% off products. Lots of it’s worth the work!
  4. What is the compensation plan like? One of the most awesome perks of being apart of direct sales is the fact that companies pay you to have a team, and to train them! Look at what each company offers you, and if you will make good money training people that sign up. Senegence has the best compensation plan out there, and we make thousands a month by creating our own team of girl bosses. It pays to help other’s succeed!
  5. Is the market saturated? Joining a DS company that already has millions of reps probably will make it much harder to make money. Think about it…If there are 100 people in your neighborhood all selling the same thing, how hard will it be to find customers? In the case of direct sales, less reps equal a greater chance for you to be successful. PS: Senegence has less than 50,000 reps in the US…that’s nothing! Avon and Mary Kay have over 3 million!
  6. What is your motivation? Are you in it just for the money? Are you in it to achieve some awesome goals? Do you want to change your family’s financial freedom? Don’t join direct sales just to make quick money. You will fail. You need to join a company that you are passionate about and that you are willing to represent. This is your business, and you need to be ready to hustle to make it successful!
Which free car should I choose?!

Which free car should I choose?!

Direct sales has shown me that it is possible to make amazing money at home to support my family. It’s shown me that I can be a business owner without going into extreme debt to build up my business. I discovered a fire and passion that I didn’t know existed within myself. I didn’t know that I would love being a leader and that I would love helping other women succeed and create dream lives for themselves. Joining this world and more specifically joining Senegence has blessed me and my family for the long run, and I can’t believe I let silly rumors and myths keep me from this life for this long. If you truly want to join in on this amazing style of earning money, you should do it. Jump in, take that leap, and start creating a life you’ve never dreamed of! You got this Girl Boss!

In case you were wondering some of the many perks of Senegence (the creators of the amazing LipSense– the lip color that lasts up to 18 hours without smudging or fading), here are the perks:

  • Only $55 to sign up (much cheaper than most company’s)
  • You are able to earn $1200 of free products in your first 90 days
  • You can earn a car, and it can be any model you’d like (I earned my car after 4 months!)
  • Every rank you increase to, you get a real gemstone ring (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond!)
  • You can earn free trips for you and your significant other to exotic locations! (2017 we are going to Cabo and Costa Rica!–who’s going to come with?!)
  • You get 50% off products and make a ton of money selling the products! These products sell themselves!
  • The market is no where near saturated…so now is the perfect time to join!
  • When you join my team, you instantly join a RECORD BREAKING team (we reached $1 million dollars in 4.5 months!) and you join in on some amazing trainings and girl bosses to help you get started
  • Senegence is all based on helping women succeed and helping themselves feel beautiful. Everyone is absolutely amazing in this company and really want you to succeed!