If you are a regular follower of mine, you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit absent on my blog and social media. No, I didn’t disappear from the face of the planet…I’m still around. There have been some major changes in my life these past few months that I wanted to share!

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May was a busy month for our family. We closed on our first house at the beginning of the month after months and months of hunting, bidding and stressing! We finally found the perfect little house just for us, and right in time for baby #2 to be born. The day that we closed on our house though, tragedy struck. That evening I got word that my little sister, Kathryn, who was only 9 years old, aspirated and ended up in the ICU after her breathing and heart stopped. We were told that night that there was little chance of survival because she had been without oxygen for too long. We hoped and prayed for a long, hard week for her to show signs of recovery, but ultimately her body had been through too much, and she passed away on May 13th. Just 6 days before my daughter Virginia was born.


This was an extremely tragic week for my family and I. As you might remember, my 23 year old brother took his own life this past December, and I suffered a miscarriage last July. We have gone through a lot of loss and hard times this past year already, so losing my sister was just another punch in the gut to me. I was so incredibly close to Kathryn, even with our age difference and to have her pass away so suddenly was heart wrenching. And since it was so close to my due date, I wasn’t able to travel back home to say goodbye to her or to attend her funeral. It was very difficult for me and it still is. Ever since then, I’ve been juggling being a mom of 2, a new homeowner, and a business owner…and it’s been a whirlwind of emotions.

I’ve taken this summer to really reflect on what I want out of life, and what I want to do with it. Losing a baby and two siblings within a matter of months really puts life into perspective. I’ve been able to take a good, hard look at everything I’m doing and decide if it’s right for me, my family, and if it’s bringing me happiness. From this reflection, I decided to leave my full-time job in a busy blood bank to spend more time with my children and to spend more time developing my own businesses. I never thought I would give up working full-time in a lab (I love what I do!), but I knew in my heart that I needed to be home more often and that I was capable of much more than my 9-5 job offered.

So what does this mean for my website? I’m so excited to really start focusing on my blog and creating the most amazing content you’ve ever seen! I’ve got a lot of fun collaborations planned, and I’m currently developing new e-books, youtube tutorials, and fun content to share with everyone! I’m very passionate about my website, and I love to create content for it! I also love hearing from all of you and really getting to know my readers! It’s truly a blessing to connect with all of you in so many ways!


I’ve also been so blessed to get involved with Senegence; an amazing company that has empowered me like never before. I love playing with makeup (as I’m sure you already know!), and the fact that I get to share amazing products with all of you AND make an amazing income, has been absolutely amazing! Be on the look out for special Dressing Dallas posts on Senegence products and how amazing this business is!

Soon you’ll see some major changes happening on Dressing Dallas, including a new website design, a new exclusive Facebook group and email subscription that gives you the latest sale and discount code information (as well as sneak peaks on the latest content going live!).

I’m so excited to share the new Dressing Dallas 2.0 with you all! I can’t wait to hear what you have to think and what you’d love to see!