These three outfit ideas are perfect for any girl going to sporting events. I love all three outfits!
 These are the perfect game day outfits for any women!
Happy March Madness ya’ll!
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE March Madness! It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with this time of the year and that I live for it!! I have my bracket filled out and I have my cats going all the way to the Championship (and winning of course!)
Yes…I’m that big of a fan!
Today I thought I’d show you all some different options for styling your game day attire. There are so many fun things you can do to style up your game day look, the options are endless!
I hope you enjoy! Let the madness begin!
Option #1: I’m So Fancy!
 These are the perfect game day outfits for any women!
I love this look! This is perfect for all those girly girls out there that love sports! Next time you just want to throw a t-shirt on with some jeans…why not try a skirt? Skirts are fun and are actually really easy to wear at games! Pair your skirt and tee with some really fun shoes and you are good to go!
Option #2: Accessorize that Tee
 These are the perfect game day outfits for any women!
This is my favorite look out the three! I am a huge fan of jeans and a tee, but I hate how boring that is! I love to pair my UK shirts with some swanky white jeans, a matching blue cardigan, and some really cute booties! This look is so fun, laid back, and you look cute while screaming your head off (wait…what…I don’t do that?!).
Option #3: Laid Back Fan
 These are the perfect game day outfits for any women!
This look is perfect for when you are lounging at home watching the game on your big screen. I intentionally bought these VS sweats in this color to match my UK shirts…and it’s perfect! I love wearing this outfit around the house, and of course I paired them with my current favorite shoes: my silver Birks! This outfit is ultra comfy, and pretty perfect if you ask me ;).
What’s your favorite way to style your game day attire? Who did you pick to win it all this year?
PS: gggoooooooooo C-A-T-S CATS, CATS, CATS!!! #bbn