This water additive is perfect for those that have a hard time drinking enough water!
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 See how this blogger stays hydrated
It’s very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Did you know that if you aren’t hydrated, it makes it harder for your body to dispose of waste and ultimately for you to lose weight? It also makes you tired, irritable, gives you headaches and makes it hard for you to concentrate! I didn’t really realize that until recently, so when I found that out, I was immediately researching ways for me to get that hydration.
See how this blogger stays hydrated
That’s where DripDrop comes in. I am a huge fan of flavor enhancers for your water. Sometimes it’s hard for me to drink water because…well…it’s just so blah! Adding flavor to your water is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day and feel like you are drinking something yummy. I personally am a fan of lemon flavored water, so I was SUPER EXCITED to see that DripDrop had lemon flavor!
My favorite ways to use this product are simple, but so effective!
The first way is to put it in my water bottle that I take to go workout. DripDrop is the perfect way to stay hydrated when you are exercising because it contains the electrolytes that you need to replenish your muscles AND it’s low calorie (which is what we want in a sports drink right?)
See how this blogger stays hydrated See how this blogger stays hydrated See how this blogger stays hydrated
The second way that I use this product is for my everyday errands and taking care of Everett. I used to get so tired running around all day and chasing a toddler. Well, it’s because I was missing this hydration+electrolyte combination. Ever since I’ve incorporated this product into my life, I’ve had more energy and I’ve felt a lot better! And that’s something everyone needs! I keep a few packets of DripDrop in my purse for when I’m on the go. All you have to do is empty it into a water bottle and you’re set!
See how this blogger stays hydrated See how this blogger stays hydrated
I purchased DripDrop at my local CVS store in the baby isle (because this is ALSO safe for children older than 1..score!). I also have a handy-dandy coupon for you all to use while supplies last *it’s available from 1/21/15-2/21/15 (Get your coupon HERE). This coupon will give you $1 off a box of DripDrop, so definitely take advantage of it!
Are you a fan of flavored water? How do you stay hydrated?