So once upon a time, way back when in college (don’t worry…I only graduated in 2012…so it wasn’t that long ago) I used to have this other blog. On this blog about my college adventures, I used to do outfit posts! Dressing Dallas might still be in it’s baby phase (but oh how it’s grown this past year!) I’ve been in the blogging sphere since 2008. I had my personal style blog up until I got married, then I decided I wanted to just post about Kyle and I’s adventures. So I deleted my old blog and started our family blog. Well, after a year of marriage, I started to miss my outfit posts! I was about to start fashion blogging again, when I found out I was pregnant. I decided I didn’t want to start a fashion blog while pregnant…so I patiently waited one MORE year to start my passion again. And what a year that was. I’m so glad to be blogging again and meeting such wonderful people doing it!

Today I thought I’d throw it back a bit. I came across these pictures in my google+ photos, and I got so excited! Don’t you love coming across old pictures! After seeing these pictures it reminded/showed me a few things:

1. What birth control/being pregnant/having a baby/hormonal-after-the-baby eating/postpartum depression can do to one’s body. These pictures I was a healthy weight and working out. I ate pretty well (ok… I wasn’t perfect) and I really tried to be healthy. I’ve kind of lost my way these past couple of years. I’m about to start a fitness/health series on my blog, so you’ll be able to see my progress and I get my healthy, athletic body back!

2. How awesome my hair was. I need to get my bangs cut like that again! Or maybe straight across bangs? Whad-ya-think?!

3. My style was really awesome then! I was great at mixing and matching the clothes I already had! I didn’t have a lot of money in college (like most college kids) so I didn’t shop a lot. I also went thrift shopping a lot (with twenteh dollas in mah pocket), so I got a lot of fun pieces for cheap! I need to start re-visiting this way of dressing.

4. How much I’m kind of missing those Provo mountains. I might have told my in-laws yesterday to “give the mountains a hug for me” as I dropped them off at the airport to go to Utah for a week.

5. How much I wish I still had those shoes, and that shirt. But how I love that I still have that dress, and those boots!

6. Snow! I will miss the snow believe it or not.

7. I need to be more creative with my posing. My outfit poses were so funky and cool back then (I guess it’s true…when you age you get “less-cool”…or at least that’s what teenagers say).

8. I can’t believe I walked in the snow in 4 inch heels…was I insane when I was 21?! How did I not sprain my ankle *again*.

9. I belted.


. And I should do that again haha!

10. I think even though my body has gone through a ton, and my hair has changed, and I am now married with a baby, I am still just as youthful and beautiful! Hopefully I continue to age this well ha!

enjoy this throwback!



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