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I really love when my readers get to know me on a personal level because it helps us connect even more (and be internet besties!). Since I want you all to know the girl behind the blog, let me summarize the last 25 years of my life for ya…



I grew up in the fabulous Las Vegas, NV, home to scorpions, casinos, mountains, and no income tax. I loved the 18 years I spent here, and I have so many amazing memories with my friends! And just in case you were wondering, no we didn’t live in a hotel, no my parents didn’t work in a casino, and no my mother was in no way affiliated with exotic dancing. Also, I grew up in actual Las Vegas…not Henderson, Not Boulder City, actual Las Vegas (North Las Vegas to be exact). Oh, and fun fact: the Brown Family’s (from the show Sister Wives) kids go to the High School I went to.

PS: aren’t these throwback pictures from high school cute!

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I was a swimmer for 10 years of my life!! That’s right, 10 years!! I swam when I was growing up for a club team, and I swam for Brigham Young University as well! It was an awesome sport to be apart of and it will always have my heart!! #foreveraswammer

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I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. I loved my major (even though it was a killer one!) and I loved everyone I met in it! I currently work in the field of medical laboratory science as a blood banker! It’s an awesome career and I get to help save people’s lives, which was my dream as a child. I love the medical field and I still have dreams of going to medical school someday!

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Kyle and I met when we were junior’s in college, and we were friends for a while before we started dating! After a long distance summer apart, we got engaged, and we were married December 20, 2011! PS: I LOVED my wedding dress!!


I was also lucky enough to have some of my best friends as my bridesmaids. I love looking at these pictures and remembering how lucky I felt having such amazing family and friends supporting Kyle and I!

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I lived in Utah for 5 years, and I loved it (most of the time). I’m a huge fan of the mountains, hiking, snowboarding, and everything in between! I even enjoyed the snow!!

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Our sweet little boy, Everett came into our lives at the end of 2013, and we love him to pieces!! He’s such a funny little boy! He is pretty calm (for the most part) and so sweet! We love his slobbery kisses!

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Our family moved to Texas when Everett was only 6 weeks old! It was a CRAZY move to do with a newborn, but somehow we made it. We love Texas because of the Bluebonnets, Blue Bell ice cream, BBQ, and of course the amazing people here!


This is mi familia, and yes you counted right…there are 6 kids! It’s a big family, and we like it that way! I’m the oldest, and then the order after that is Christian, Jonathan, Michael, Kathryn, and Elizabeth. I’m 16 years older than Kathryn, and 23 years older than E! I think it’s the most fun family in the world, and it’s really fun to have such young of sisters, because I get to re-live the barbie, dress-up, pretend stage all over again!

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Oh and Kyle comes from a big Mormon family too! We are both so lucky to have all these people to love and who love us!

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My family and I are CRAZY hard-core Kentucky Basketball fans! We cheer and analyze every game, and after the games we are all talking on the phone together about it. And going to the actual games is even better! #BBN (oh and in case anyone is wondering WHY we are Kentucky fans, here’s the explanation: my dad grew up in Kentucky and my Grandpa Moody taught at the University. Ever since I was little, my dad cheered for the cats, and my mom converted into a hard core fan! Our house has always been about our Kentucky Wildcats!). PS: Kyle married into this craziness, but he’s become a big fan himself (just look at his awesome, painted face!).

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So That’s me! I’m a Wife, Mom, Believer in God, Blood Banker, Blogger, Photographer, Wanna-Be Chef, and of course an all-around awesome human being. Enjoy!

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