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During the summer, my skin goes crazy! I always breakout because of the extra sweating I do in the heat, and my skin is always uneven. I’ve tried so many products and beauty hacks, and I’ve found a few that work great for my skin! Today I want to share with you all my top 5 methods for keeping my skin fresh and blemish free during the summer! What are your summer beauty hacks?

  1. Wear a good sunscreen: I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is for everyday life! A lot of people think that putting sunscreen on under your makeup is the worst thing you could do, but it’s actually the opposite! I would pick up a lightweight sunscreen that feels like a moisturizer to make your makeup application easier! Also, choose a foundation that has an SPF!
  2. Moisturize often: This is very important for all of your skin (not just your face). Your skin sees a lot more of the sun during these months, and it’s important to help your skin not dry up from the heat! I’d also try to wear a foundation that also acts like a moisturizer (like a BB or CC cream) for extra moisture.
  3. Use a DIY salt scrub once a week: With all the outdoor activities that are happening in the summer, your skin can get pretty rough! Using a salt scrub (that you can even make DIY) will really help slough off all of that dead skin! This will also help with makeup application as well!
  4. Use a matte primer under your makeup to keep your face’s dewey level under control: In the Texas humidity, I am always fighting too much of a dewey look on my face. I love using a matte primer to help combat that! If you still like the dewey look, you can always add a highlight onto your cheek bones, to give yourself a nice, natural dewey look without your sweat breaking up your foundation.
  5. Use masks and nose strips like the Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask and the Bioré® Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips. I am in love with these products because the charcoal added to the product really draws out any bacteria that could cause blemishes! I’ve really notices a difference since adding these bad boys into my routine! 

Here’s a little bit more about the products:



The Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask is a mask made with natural charcoal, that really helps draw out and trap deep-down impurities! It really helps purify those pores! What I love about this mask is that once you rub it onto your face, it get’s warm and it feels SO good! I also love that it purifies your face in only 1 minute (other masks usually take around 10). It’s also oil free for all my oily faced girls out there!

Shameless mask selfie!

The Bioré® Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip is Bioré®’s latest invention, and it’s amazing! This charcoal nose strip unclogs pores and draws out excess oil for a deep clean! It’s just like the original nose strip (which I have been using since college), but it uses charcoal to further purify your skin! The nose strip just takes 10 minutes and once you pull it off, you will visibly see the dirt and grime it pulled out of your nose! It’s pretty dang cool!

You can get these amazing Bioré® products at your local Target!